Trinity Church York

About Us

Together with Christians all over the world, we belong to, love, serve and trust Jesus Christ, and aim to live for him and make him known.

In all we do we aim to be a:


Jesus Christ is the centre of all we believe and do. He is the complete, and the only, way to know God. He is God’s Son who became a man, died to take away God’s wrath at human wickedness, and was raised from the dead by God to be Lord over the whole world for ever.


Just like Christians all through the centuries, we hold that the Bible is God’s word, given by the Holy Spirit and used by him to teach and change us. Carefully listening to the Bible is a major part of what we do.

Church family...

Trinity Church York aims to be a place where we have the kind of healthy relationships that only Jesus makes possible through the Holy Spirit. All are welcome at our services, whether Christian or not, and will find them a good way to discover what Jesus, and Christianity, are all about.

More detail can be found in the what we believe section