Trinity Church York

Church during Coronavirus

The most significant effect of the coronavirus restrictions on all of us is that we are unable to gather together as a church for the time being. That is a great sadness, and not something that livestreaming can replace. The very name of the church – the word means ‘gathering’ – shows that we are all about gathering together! We should pray that we will be able to do that again very soon.

In the meantime, there are some great opportunities for us here! Here is how our church is going about helping us make the best of the situation:

  • We are providing the closest thing we can to gathering for worship and prayer through our livestreamed services and prayer meeting. We hope that all Trinity Church York members and others who would normally meet with us to join us for these if possible.
    • Sunday services: Now it is more important than ever that we treat the Lord’s Day differently to others. So we hope that as many as possible will gather the household together to join in worship along with the rest of the church using the livestream.
    • Tuesday News and Prayer meeting: a livestreamed prayer meeting when we can all catch up on church news and pray together.
  • We want to encourage and resource household worship, both for those living alone and for families and others living together
  • We are offering optional online groups to study the Bible and pray together
  • We are making available resources and links available to anyone who would like to use them.
    • Including, since Trinity Sunday School isn’t running, good resources for parents to use in teaching children.

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