Trinity Church York

Thinking Like a Christian

7:30pm Starting Sunday 26th April 2020.

Join us to learn to think like a Christian! From April to June we are looking at

Who do you think you are? How the Church came to be what she is today.

We’ll be looking at some key moments in the history of the church, when Christians who went before us wrestled with some big problems, worked out (with a lot of sweat and blood) what the Bible is teaching us, and sometimes made some big mistakes. It’ll help us understand our Bibles better, and apply it to some big issues for today.

The history of the Church is a vast (and wonderful) subject, and we will barely scratch the surface. I’ve chosen some topics that are particularly important for understanding why the church as we know it in Britain today is like it is, and for helping us understand how to apply the Biblical gospel to our lives today.

We will meet by Zoom each week at 7:30pm on Sunday evenings.

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 26th April: Who is God, who is Jesus? The gospel in the Roman Empire: AD 0-451

3rd May: What are we saved from? The Pelagian controversy AD 391-430

10th May: Why you don't worship Woden- how Pagan Britain became Christian AD565-939

17th May:  Rediscovering a forgotten gospel- The Reformation AD1517-53

24th May: Real Christianity or British Values? AD1601-72

31st May: What is real faith? The rise of Evangelicalism AD1700-1800

7th June: Facts, feelings and faith- the disaster of Liberalism AD1800-1914

14th June: Is Christianity in crisis? AD1945-2020