Trinity Church York

Trinity Sunday School

Trinity Sunday School

Trinity Church York is a family, and we love having families in our church. This guide explains how Sunday mornings work for families.


Trinity Sunday School runs before the service every Sunday during school terms. There is usually a one-week break at the beginning of school half term holidays. The classes run from 9:30 to 10:15. Please be here by 9:25 if you want to join in, so that classes can start promptly.

We are always happy to have new children (and adults!) join. If you’re bringing children for the first time please come a few minutes early to give time to fill in a registration form for each child.



Minis: Pre-school & Reception (Location: Creche Room)

Miners: Y1-2 (Birchall Room)

Movers: Y3-6 (Calvert Room)

Majors: Y7-9 (Ministers’ Study)

Adults: (Ward Gallery - baby and toddler area available)


9am: Doors open, musicians practice

9:15-9:25: Arrive and register children

9:30: Lessons start (Miners and Movers have first 5 minutes together on the carpet in the Great Hall, then go to rooms)

10:00: Main doors open and coffee & tea available at back of Great Hall

10:15: Classes finish. Collect children & refreshments at back of Great Hall

10:30: Service starts


Please use the garden entrance, as the main door onto Peasholme Green won’t be opened until about 10. Come into the Great Hall to sign your children in at the beginning of each session. You will need to sign again to collect them at the end. Please make sure that you arrive by 9.25 to give time to do this.

All the leaders and helpers for each group have a DBS clearance. Our focus is on teaching the children to understand the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. We don’t mind how much children (or adults) already know; all will be very welcome.


The adult class will look at various aspects of Christian understanding, Christian life, Church history, and the Bible. The children's classes are designed to give them a good grasp of Christian basics by the time they become adults. A summary can be downloaded here.