Trinity Church York


All change for the Autumn

By Matthew Roberts, 01 Sep 2016

Dear All at Trinity Church York

The autumn has arrived – it’s the first of September, and for most of us that means a return to life as normal. We’ve been rather scattered for the last couple of months, so I’m really looking forward to being back together again. On top of that, there is lots that’s changing in our church, and it’s going to be an exciting few months.

First, we’ve got lots of new staff who have started work today. We have four new interns and a new Trainee Minister. So the staff team is now:

Lois Chapman                   Intern (part-time)

Bethany Clark                   Intern

Josh Heasman                   Intern

Andrew Kueh                    Intern

Peter Leach                       Trainee Minister

Matthew Roberts            Minister

Naomi Tunnicliffe            Student Women’s Worker & Church Administrator

Then we have some new things happening in our children’s work. We’ll announce more on Sunday, but we’ve changed the name of our Sunday groups, and have two new groups for children and teenagers starting on Thursday evenings.

There will be a change in the pattern of Sunday nights, and a new small group Bible Study for students. Our venue at St. Anthony’s Hall is of course still new, and gives us lots of opportunities we haven’t had before. And of course there will be new people, and some new gaps left by all the people we’ve said a sad goodbye to over the last couple of months.

But the gospel of the Lord Jesus remains as unchanged as ever. We’re still privileged to be able to know God as his children through his Son and by his Spirit, and to be able to worship him together each Sunday and all week in our lives. We’re going to be thinking particularly this next month in our sermons about Resurrection: how the resurrection of the Lord Jesus is at the centre of God’s great plan to make all things new in and through him, starting with us, the church. And so why the whole of the gospel is about resurrection – and that’s why it is and always will be the greatest news in the world. The gospel is about all change, for the better, for ever.

I hope and pray that as we find ourselves back together again after the summer break, and as God brings new people into our church, that we will together more and more grasp the hand of the risen Lord Jesus Christ and trust in him to raise us up too: both now, in every part of our lives, and when he returns.

Yours in Christ