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Bible Overview Advent Calendar

By Matthew Roberts, 01 Dec 2015

The children have been learning a Bible overview at Kids' Club this autumn. It consists of a series of words and actions which, if memorised and said together, go through the story of the whole Bible.

I thought it might be a good idea to put it into 25 days to use as an advent calendar. You could use it for family Bible readings with your children, and see whether they can teach you the actions they have been learning at Kid's Club over the last couple of months. If you're stuck on the actions then ask on Sunday morning - at least some of the children will be pleased to tell you!

You can download it below. You could if you like cut it up into days, and give your children one each day between now and Christmas. It will help them to remember what they've learned, and you could be memorising the whole story of the Bible by Christmas day!

And if you don't have children... you could do it anyway!

Bible Overview Advent Calendar