Trinity Church York

Recommended Resources

For those who are finding that they have extra time on their hands, here are some great ways you could fill it:


Ligonier produces loads of really great Christian resources and have very generously made all their video series free for the time being. Why not spend a bit of your Netflix time to deepen your Bible knowledge! Sinclair Ferguson on the Holy Spirit and Melissa Kruger on contentment are great!

You could also go a step further and do whole courses from Westminster Seminary for free!

Bible study

These are notes produced by Word 121 that you could do from John and Acts with your family or non christian friends (on video chat or over the garden fence!). They are also good to do on your own; really simple and clear.

'Bible Project' videos

 If funky videos introducing Bible books are more your style, you'll want to check these out.


This is a playlist of LOADS (but not all) of the songs that we sing on Sundays if you fancy hearing something familiar

Also, if you don’t know about Awesome Cutlery yet….