Trinity Church York


Trinity Church York Safeguarding Policy Statement

The elders of Trinity Church York recognise the need to provide a safe and caring environment for children and vulnerable adults. The church is intended, by God, to be a place where all people can find themselves part of a family. In this family, people have been transformed by God’s Holy Spirit such that they are able to have a quality of relationships which only God makes possible, through his Son, Jesus Christ, by the work of the Holy Spirit.

Christians have a duty to love one another in a manner modelled upon Christ’s self-sacrificial love for them on the cross. Abuse is always a case of inflicting harm on another for the sake of personal pleasure or gain, and so is the very opposite of what Christ requires of his people.

Nevertheless, the realities of human sinfulness mean that all members of the church are still sinful, and it is essential that steps are taken to minimise the effects of sin within all the relationships of the church, so that the gospel may have its full effect in bringing repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation. In particular, those who are most vulnerable must be protected from being harmed by the sins of others. We are committed, as a church, to protecting children and vulnerable adults in this way. This is the purpose of this Safeguarding Policy.

We undertake to:

1. Ensure that all children and vulnerable adults who attend the church’s activities are provided with a safe environment, protected as far as possible from abuse

2. Ensure that those involved in work with children and vulnerable adults have clear guidelines and, where appropriate, training relating to their own roles and responsibilities and are protected as far as possible from false allegations

3. Ensure that an appropriate response is made in the event of abuse being suspected, disclosed or alleged

4. Review this Safeguarding Policy at frequent and regular intervals, and lodge a copy of the current policy with the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service.

A full copy of our Safeguarding Policy for Children and Vulnerable Adults is on display on the church information table. You can contact our safeguarding team at