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Worshipping God at home

A good result of being restricted to our homes is that it gives us a chance to rediscover the importance of households! The idea of households worshipping together is embedded in the nature of the church: from the very beginning it has been a family. Families are to worship together regularly, so that each generation can bring up the next in the training and instruction of the Lord (Josh 24:15; Ephesians 6:4). Being forced to spend much more time in our households over the next few weeks is a great opportunity to establish new patterns of household worship.

Those who live alone

Now lots of us live in a household of one! That is not a problem; this is a great opportunity to get into the habit (if you’re not already) of worshipping God on your own. Here are some good resources:

Livestream Bible and Prayer

Matthew won't be doing his morning devotions for the week following Easter. If the lockdown continues he will start again the week after that. You can download a set of readings to use yourselves from the link on the right.

Bible Reading plans

There are a number of great Bible reading plans on the ESV website and a couple of them are for 30 days….


These are really great devotionals that are free online. The articles from table talk are always interesting and helpful, but if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see lots of numbered devotionals you can work through.


Or you can go old school and use Spurgeon’s classic devotional ‘morning and evening’ which is free online:



Families may like to use any of the above. But for many it will be better for heads of households to lead worship themselves. This isn’t difficult or scary: all you need to do is

  • call the family together,
  • say a prayer (maybe use the Lord’s Prayer so all can join in, including children if they’re old enough),
  • read a Bible passage, and
  • end with another short prayer. You could pray for particular people or things people in the house are concerned about. Or you could just read Psalm 117 (2 verses!)

On the top right of this page you can download a programme of readings and psalms you could use for family worship. These are the same as Matthew will be using for the daily online video, so if you are planning to lead family worship could watch that first if you want some ideas.

There are some good books on family worship available. Here is one recommendation: