Trinity Church York


The aim of our summer internship program is to help you grow in love for Christ and his Church. We believe two of the best ways to do that is to give you the chance to be more involved with the behind the scenes SERVICE of Church life and to STUDY in more depth what the Scriptures have to say about who the Church is, why she looks the way she does, and why she exists.

Mornings will be filled with opportunities to SERVE the church in practical ways from helping at creche to cleaning and from visiting people to helping prepare for Sunday’s.

Afternoons will be a time for STUDY. Attending seminars, listening to lectures, and working through readings with the the goal of writing your own short response papers.

14/6 - WEEK 1 Catalyst Conference

21/6 - WEEK 2 The Church and Her Saviour

28/6 - WEEK 3 The Church and Her Marks

05/7 - WEEK 4 The Church and Her Worship

Speak to Adam Wilson () for more information.

What is an internship?

It is a volunteer position which gives the opportunity to serve the church for a year in a variety of roles:

  • You will join in practical support of church ministries
  • You will serve in administration and organisation of church activities
  • You will assist in teaching and pastoral work
  • You will gain experience of preaching and evangelistic speaking, where appropriate

Our internship scheme also includes some fairly in-depth theological study:

  • You will be expected to read through Calvin’s Institutes in the year, and discuss it with others
  • You will follow the Yorkshire Gospel Partnership Training Scheme, Bible Training Yorkshire, which gives in-depth study of Bible books, introduces systematic theology and gives regular experience of planning and delivering talks and sermons
  • You will attend Catalyst, the IPC’s annual theological conference, where there will be special sessions laid on for interns at IPC churches
  • You will meet up periodically with interns at other IPC churches for study days

Interns are not paid, and are expected to raise all their own support; advice can be given on how to go about doing this.

Why do an internship?

Being an intern gives the opportunity to serve the church and support its ministry; to experience Christian ministry first-hand; to learn skills which will be useful in whatever church you may be part of in the future; and to grow in the knowledge and love of God. Although this is not essential, many people do internships as a way of exploring the possibility of gospel ministry in the future. We expect those applying for internships to have positive and thought-through reasons for wanting to serve in this way.

What is it like?

Interns are expected to work hard, full-time if possible, though it is possible to work part-time for your own support alongside an internship. It requires being committed to the work and ministry of the church, which will include most Sundays in the year. Much of the work is unseen and not glamorous. But those who approach it with a desire to serve and to learn will gain a huge amount from it.

How do I apply?

Send a CV and covering letter, explaining why you are interested in an internship, and providing two references, to .