Trinity Church York


Students will find a very warm welcome at Trinity Church York. As a church committed to bringing all sorts of people together to know, love and worship God, students will find here a wonderful family of people from all stages of life to get to know and to serve God alongside.

At the same time we recognise that University life gives an opportunity like no other to get really well grounded in understanding Jesus, the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. So lots of what we do gives students the chance to do just that.

  • Our Sunday Morning Services are both contemporary and classic, when we aim to worship God and teach the Bible in a meaty but accessible way. They're the main event – if you come to just one thing, make it this! We have an evening service too, which many students come to as well.
  • Our Thinking Like a Christian meetings on Sunday evenings (after the evening service) are designed to get us thinking hard about God, the world and ourselves - all aimed to help us learn to see the world the way God wants us to, through thoroughly Christian eyes. We investigate your questions, we look at key Christian doctrines, and we tackle big issues. Bring your questions, your brain and your Bible!
  • Principles for Christian Studenting, Living, and Adulting… are our three Wednesday evening series specifically designed to help students navigate the joys and difficulties of university life.
  • Trinity Questions are occasional evening talks on common questions people ask about Christianity - come along, invite your friends, ask any questions you like, or just listen if you prefer.
  • Keystone is our annual conference in September for Christians aged 18-28, both students and in work. Talks, seminars, fellowship - and a legendary BBQ! For more info, head here.

If you have any questions, or want more information,  or follow us on Facebook.