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1 Corinthians: Pure People in a Pagan World
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1 Corinthians: Pure People in a Pagan World

 We live in a world where the Christian gospel, and the Christian church, is seen as strange, narrow-minded, irrelevant, and even dangerous. Which is remarkably similar to the culture in the important port city of Corinth in the first century AD. Despite that, A church was started there early on in the spread of Christianity - and a couple of years later the man whose preaching had started it, the Apostle Paul, wrote them a letter. While the Church at Corinth shared in the immense privileges of being Christians, nevertheless they were in many ways more influenced by Corinth than by Christ. And for the people for whom Christ died on a cross, that, says Paul, will never do. This letter spells out how, and why, the crucified and risen Son of God is an infinitely better master and guide than the cultures they, and we, live in.

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