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1 Samuel: The Prophet, the Priest & the King
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1 Samuel: The Prophet, the Priest & the King

 A millenium before Jesus' Birth, things looked very bleak indeed for the nation God had chosen to be his. Far from being a beacon to the world of the privileges of knowing and being saved by the one true God, they had largely abandoned him for the paganism of the surrounding nations, their society was disintegrating into violence and anarchy, and they were being savagely oppressed by their neighbours. 

Into this atrocious situation the book of 1 Samuel introduces us to a distraught and desperate woman, and shortly afterwards to her miracle baby. And it turns out that God does have a plan... despite everything that has happened, God's ancient covenant with Abraham, and his promise to bless the whole world through him, is not about to be forgotten.

1&2 Samuel are among the most engaging, exciting and readable parts of the Bible. We'll be spending 6 weeks looking at the first 15 chapters.

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