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Acts 1-6: Jesus Gets to Work
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Acts 1-6: Jesus Gets to Work

 On 18th April we started a new series of sermons on the beginning of the Christian Church as we know it, from the first six chapters of the book of 'the Acts of the Apostles'. At least that's what it's normally known as, but according to Luke (the author's) own description it's really 'the continuing Acts of Jesus'. What he did in his earthly life, death and resurrection was what the world - including us - needed to be saved from evil. But it was once he had returned to heaven that the work of implementing God's plan really got started, as Jesus began to call people from all over the world to join his church. So we're going to be looking at all that Jesus started doing back then, in the years 30-40AD, and is still doing today - and what God's creation will look like when it is all finished.

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