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Isaiah 24-27 The God who will not be beaten
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Isaiah 24-27 The God who will not be beaten

 800BC: One thousand years after God promised Abraham that through his descendants he would bless the whole world, Israel is a disaster. Not only shockingly wicked herself, but politically pathetic and facing annihilation at the hands of invaders. How can this nation be any help to anyone? And where should she turn to save herself?

Isaiah 24-27 summarises God's plan which makes sense of all this. He will not be beaten by the wickedness of human beings; he will make his world what he designed it to be. But it will take both disastrous judgment on the world, and God's own action to rescue and multiply his people, to bring it about. There is a day coming when somehow, in Jerusalem, God will destroy death forever and lay a banquet for people from all over the world. It was 800 years in the future for Isaiah... but of course God kept his promise.

These chapters are intensely relevant to us as we face normal life in a world of terrible disappointment and evil. Isaiah wants to point us to what God has done in Jesus Christ, and will do when he returns - to judge, and to save, for ever.

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