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Knowing Your God
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Knowing Your God

Many people assume that the basic religious question is whether or not we 'believe in God'. But the Bible hardly ever puts it like that. Rather, it assumes that everyone worships some god or other - the question is, which god? The gods of different religions - ancient and modern - are all different, which explains the radical differences between the way different people see the world. What is more, such different gods cannot all exist side by side.

Christianity started because those who knew Jesus Christ found that, in this man, they had met the one true God, who has revealed himself to us once and for all. Christians are therefore uniquely able to speak about what God is like; not because they are superior to other people, but because in Jesus God himself has made himself known. And so knowing God - personally, through Jesus, is at the heart of what is so great about being a Christian.

The aim of this series of sermons is for us to get to know our God better by looking at some key aspects of who he is. 

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