Trinity Church York

Thinking Like a Christian

Thinking Like a Christian is our weekly interactive Bible Study seminar and teaching session. The aim is to help each other learn how to think and live in a thoroughly Christian way. TLC happens on Sunday evenings at 7:30pm.

We take our cue from Romans 12:2, Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. We want to have our minds renewed to think as Christ thinks, rather than as the world around us thinks.

October-November 2021: The Lord's Prayer: Who's Kingdom, Power and Glory?

Every Sunday 1st October - 21st November 7:30pm

One of the things that amazed Jesus' disciples was the way he prayed. There's a sense in which all that he did in his life, death and resurrection was to enable us to pray like him: speaking to God as our Father, and rewiring our whole outlook on life around contant dependence upon, and trust in, him.

The Lord's Prayer is Jesus' crash course in prayer. We're going to be spending our Sunday evenings this autumn looking at how Jesus' prayer turns our lives upside down.

How to join

We meet in person at St. Anthony's Hall.